KFC Mission Statement

This is Kentucky Fried Chicken mission statement overview in 2013. For more information on how to write a mission statement, please refer to our article.

Company Background

NameKFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
LogoKFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) logo
Industries servedRestaurants, Fast Food
Geographic areas servedWorldwide
Current CEORoger Eaton
Revenue$ 9.5 billion (2012)
ParentYum! Brands
Main CompetitorsMcDonald’s Corporation, Burger King Worldwide Inc., Subway, Wendy’s Company and many other companies.

KFC is a fast food restaurant chain, which specializes in fried chicken. It is the world’s largest fried chicken chain with over 17,000 outlets in 105 countries and territories as of December 2011.


KFC mission statement 2013

“To sell food in a fast, friendly environment that appeals to pride conscious, health minded consumers”
Does it include…?
CustomersProducts/ ServicesMarkets
TechnologyConcern for survivalPhilosophy
Self-conceptConcern for public imageEmployees
Does it mention values like…?Customer or product-oriented?

(This evaluation framework is composed of the guidelines listed in our article: Mission Statement for Success)


KFC’s mission has received one of the lowest scores in all of our evaluations so far. The statement is clearly too short and lacks 7 out of 9 essential components: customers, markets, technology, concern for survival, self-concept, concern for employees and public image. The statement only reveals one value – friendly environment, but doesn’t mention any of the 4 values used by the world’s best performing companies. Their mission is product-oriented, which is a drawback for any mission compared to customer-oriented statement. Product-oriented missions tend to focus on certain products and services rather than on satisfying customers’ needs or solving their problems. They offer less flexibility for the company to expand into other product markets. In overall, KFC does a poor job in utilizing their mission as a communication tool to present important business information to company’s stakeholders.


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